The Case for Metal Roofing

In recent years we have seen metal roofing requests, projects, and even new manufacturers, rise to new heights. Why has this happened you ask? Simple, metal roofing is the way to go!

A new metal roof offers your home numerous benefits over traditional shingles or cedar shakes, which includes a longer life span of material, durability against weather, fire resistant, reflects the sun’s heat, and has even become comparable in price to traditional shingles.

Bancroft Barry's Bay Roofing Solutions specialize in metal roofing systems

Bancroft Barry's Bay Roofing Solutions specialize in metal roofing systems

Metal is the most practical roofing material on the market today, which is offered in a wide variety of attractive colours and profiles. Metal is not susceptible to mould growth, mildew, or fungus. It is lightweight yet strong enough to withstand today’s ever changing severe weather. Metal roofing is the only true green material in the roofing industry, as it contains no petroleum by-products, conserves energy, and can always be recycled so it won’t end up in our landfills. A metal roof is the last roof you will buy!

A metal roof may be installed directly to your roof sheathing by removing your existing roofing material, or you may opt to keep your existing shingles in place and install wood strapping over top. The wood strapping will create a grid system, for which the metal will be applied. This can save costs of removing your existing roof, and keep shingles out of the landfills.

When choosing your next roof, please take into consideration that a metal roof may cost more than the traditional shingles would, however ask yourself how long will you live in your residence? Do your neighbours have shingles or metal? As should you sell your home, your home will stand out from your neighbours as well as others posted for sale, ultimately giving you an edge.